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A Good Ecig for Beginners

It can be an exciting but confusing time to start using ecigs for the first time. For this reason, I always think it's best for beginners to start with a very simple setup. A small battery that attaches to a cartomizer, for example, is easy to use, and only requires you to charge the battery and change the cartomizer every few days. I believe these types of ecigs are ideal for beginners.

white cloud ecig kit

The learning curve for using more complex e-cigarettes can be quite steep. It might be worth it to go through the trouble if you are certain you are going to use e-cigarettes for years. But many people just want to try them out to see what it is like to vape. There are two options for people who fall into this category. The first, as mentioned above, is to buy a simple e-cigarette setup. You can get everything you need to use such a setup by buying something called a startup kit. Startup kits come in all different price ranges, but the cheaper ones start around $40 and usually include a couple e-cigarette batteries. The brand I recommend is White Cloud E-cigs, because their ecigarettes are well-built and their cartomizers deliver good flavor. Be sure to use these White Cloud E-cig coupons from E-cigbargains.com if you decide to order from this company.

If you don't feel ready to order a starter kit, another option you have is to purchase something called disposable e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes are even easier to use, since you simply remove them from the package, use them, then dispose of them when they run out of juice. In some ways, it's the ideal way to try out e-cigarettes. But be aware that not all disposable e-cigarettes are high-quality, and because of this, they may give you a false impression of what it's like to use an e-cigarettes. If you do decide to try disposable e-cigarettes, then make sure you pick a good brand such as White Cloud E-cigs.

Once you've tried E-cigs for a while and want to customize the vaping experience more, that is when you should upgrade to a more complex setup. Fortunately, there are many videos and websites online that will help you decide how to proceed to the next stage.